Help A Rescue Dog Who’s Been Waiting A Long Time For You

Even if it is a no-kill rescue with high standards of care, Rescue Ranch is not a home. All of our available dogs deserve to thrive and live their best lives. Unfortunately, some seem to linger with us longer than they should.  So, if you’ve been thinking of adopting, consider asking to meet a long-time resident. You never know, you might help a rescue dog who’s been waiting for you all this time!

Joey, the friendly adolescent pup

In early June, I featured Joey in a post about the benefits of adopting an older puppy. This seven-month-old border collie mix is at a great age for bonding and learning new skills. He’s playful and friendly with other dogs. He’s good with cats. All he needs is an active adoptive family who will love him. If you’re looking for a young dog to take on walks, hikes, runs, please consider Joey!nHe’s a good boy!


Onyx, back from the brink

I recounted Onyx’s harrowing story  back in May. I hoped that it might finally bring him the adopter he’s been waiting for, but it was not to be. Onyx loves people (and his Kong!), although he doesn’t always get along with other dogs.  At eight years old, he’s a “young” senior pitty and will make an excellent companion for someone who needs a mature dog that still enjoys plenty of activity.

Breelee and Meadow, the bonded pair

I covered these two lovely gals in a post back in January, and I can’t believe they haven’t gone home yet! Both are fabulous, friendly, low key, mature dogs. Breelee is a shepherd mix, and Meadow is a husky. At nearly seven years old, they still  have plenty of spunk and good years ahead. Their biggest  hurdle is that they’re truly bonded. As a result, we’d like to see them adopted together.

Presley, the recovered burn dog

I wrote about Presley in May, when I was hoping that he, like Onyx, might find an adopter at our Dog Days For Summer adoption event. Presley survived the Lava Fire and patiently put up with weeks of bandage changes for his terribly burns. But, he’s been struggling to find an adopter. Part of that might be because he’s barrier reactive in his kennel and choosy about other canines. But, given a chance, he’ll make a great companion. Maybe his perfect match is reading this post right now!

Rodeo, the deaf pitty

When I originally posted about Rodeo in September, he had been already with us for a year and a half. He’s still here! This dog is in his prime and deserves more than we can offer. Admittedly, Rodeo is a special case because he is deaf.  He needs  an experienced dog owner who knows, or is willing to learn, how to communicate using hand gestures. Rodeo enjoys both physical and mental activity.  He’ll do well with someone who can give him the one-on-one attention and love he needs.