Will Rescued Burn Dog Finally Find A Home At Pet Adoption Event?

Last summer, among the 214 dogs that came through Rescue Ranch during the Lava Fire, were several severely injured dogs. Lady, Paws, and Presley were the most seriously injured adults and spent months in recovery. But while both Lady and Paws have found loving homes, Presley,  is still waiting for his perfect match. The good news is that you’ll be able to meet him on May 21, at Rescue Ranch’s “Dog Days for Summer.”  Will this rescued burn dog finally find a home at our spring pet adoption event?

A slow but successful recovery for Lava Fire dogs

All of the burn dogs were absolute stars. Their courage and resilience were simply inspiring. Lady’s story, in particular, caught the attention of the local news media.  It even inspired the nationally syndicated TV show “To the Rescue” to send a crew to shoot a segment about her. Thankfully, she is now living her ideal life with her rescuer and adopter, firefighter Ari Savar. It took some time, but Paws was also eventually adopted and now lives in a loving home. Unfortunately, ten months in, Presley is still with us.  He deserves so much more.

The injured dogs were cared for by ranch staff and dedicated volunteers who changed their bandages, cleaned their wounds and comforted them. Their recovery was slow and painful.  Initially, we thought that both Paws and Presley would have to undergo surgery once their burns healed because their pads had fused. But, even for Presley,  the vet now recommends just leaving them as they are. It would be a shame to put him through the pain of surgery if it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Last RR burn dog is ready to go home

Today, Presley is doing great. This big black-and-tan, 75-pound, Rottweiler/shepherd mix is pain-free and he can walk. His pads remain tender, however, and it’s unclear whether they’ll ever toughen up enough to go on hikes or extended walks on rough terrain. Only time will tell.  That being said, despite his harrowing exprience, he’s just a happy, goofy, energetic boy who’s ready to go home and have a wonderful life!

We’ve discovered that Presley is a friendly, loving, enthusiastic young dog, who loves to chew! If he has a chew toy, he’s happy to spend hours  just devouring it. In that way, he’s quite independent, but he’s also affectionate and likes people. He’ll make some lucky adopter an amazing companion.

Because of his size and strength, Presley should go to an experience dog owner. One who is able to handle his exuberance and provide gentle but firm leadership. Although he’s friendly and people-oriented, he’s highly selective with other dogs.  Ideally, he would be the only pet in a loving home with a large fenced yard and a lot of chew toys!

Meet Presley and other Rescue Ranch dogs on May 21!

On May 21, rescue Ranch will be hosting “Dog Days for Summer,” the first collaborative pet adoption event in Siskiyou County. If he hasn’t been scooped up yet, Presley and most of our available dogs will be on hand to meet potential adopters.

And don’t forget!  Rescue Ranch has reduced the adoption donation for all adult dogs to $100 for the entire month of May!  So if you have been thinking about adopting, now is the time!  Visit Presley’s profile page here.