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May Day! at Rescue Ranch

May Day! at Rescue Ranch

May Day! May Day!  Join us on Saturday, May 1st, to learn all about emergency preparedness for you and your pet.  Having been the only dog rescue designated by Siskiyou County as an evacuation center last year, Rescue Ranch has firsthand experience with the stress of evacuation and its impact on family and pets.  Our mission this fire season is to help you get ready and stay safe.

May Day! at Rescue Ranch is a family event that will be both educational and fun:

From 1pm to 3 pm:  low-cost vaccination and microchip clinic on-site, for dogs and cats. Ensuring that your pet is properly vaccinated and microchipped is critical during an emergency.

  • Rabies $10
  • Parvo/distemper $10,
  • Microchip for 10$
  • All 3 ( for dogs) $20

From 2pm to 4pm: There will be demonstrations, tips, and resources for dog, cat, and horse owners; games and activities for the kids, dog trainers, food, and more!

Dogs of the Week

Please meet our dogs of the week! Just click on a picture to find out more about each one!

Every week we feature two of the many wonderful dogs living here at Rescue Ranch and looking for a permanent home with a loving adopter.

Don't Miss:

3-Week Family Dog Manners Training Class for $100

The 3-week long program includes:

  • Week 1: Problem-solving, an overview of how to practice and how long, foundation commands: Look, touch, sit.
  • Week 2: Leave-it, Take-it, Down, Wait, leash-walking basics.
  • Week 3: Stay, Leave-it step 2, Brain Games

Dog Adoption and Dog Rescue

Rescue Ranch was established as a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization in 2001.

Our only purpose is to rescue dogs of all breeds and to provide dog adoption opportunities. We  currently help rehome 500 dogs a year.

We are a no-kill shelter that relies on generous donations from community members and local businesses, as well as grants from foundations and organizations. Rescue Ranch does not receive funding from any State, County, or City agencies.

Proceeds from our boarding facility and thrift store also help cover some of our general operational costs.

Love Dogs? We Want You!
If you're interested in dog adoption, dog fostering, dog rescue we would love to meet you and find a way for you to lend your talent and services to the Rescue Ranch. Please contact us by calling 530-842-0829.

2021 Rescue Ranch Gold and Teal Logo

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