Naumes Suncrest Winery Hosts Rescue Ranch For Fun Holiday Weekend Event

Saturday, July 2, dog-friendly Naumes Suncrest Winery invited Rescue Ranch to join their Fourth of July weekend celebrations for the third time. It’s such a lovely venue and friendly crowd, how could we resist?! We were happy for the exposure and the opportunity to promote our new Kennel Squad monthly donation program.


We were conveniently situated between the parking lot and the main building, on a soft, green, tree-shaded lawn. Rescue Ranch staff and volunteers set up around noon, just as the first guests were arriving. We quickly put togther ex-pens to hold the 11 puppies, unfolded the pop-up tents and tables, added signage, and unloaded three adult dogs.

The puppies turned on the charm, attracting guests to their holding area almost immediately. Honey, Rosie, and Mister, were leashed and on their best behavior as they mingled with visitors.

Although there were occasional clouds, the weather was great for the dogs: not too hot for the most part.  As the day wore on, we moved one of the tents over the puppies to keep them out of the sun. Meanwhile, the older dogs took a break in the air-conditioned van while we ate.

Patrons sipped red, white and sparkling wine on the terrace and at tables on the grounds below. They chatted, enjoying the show and savoring tasty picnic-style fare.  On offer, were brisket on pretzelbread, gourmet corn dogs, caprese on flatbread, and more. Brian Peverini, who facilitated our participation, is pictured here behind the Naumes bar.

Naumes event leads to adoption!

We met a steady stream of dog-lovers throughout the day, and the Kennel Squad Program flyers were a hit. and Connor McCarthy and Madison Kochenderfer, pictured here with puppy Samuel Adams, just happened to be in the area when they made a last minute decision to stop at Naumes. The next day, the couple came by the ranch to see Sam and meet more puppies. In turns out that Porthos was most suited to their active lifestyle and so he went home with them. Yay, Porthos!

“None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the volunteers who bring so much love to Rescue Ranch and the dogs that come through. I’ve been to countless shelters and I have never seen this level of dedication and love before. This was clear from the pop-up event at the winery and when we stepped onto the ranch. We would recommend Rescue Ranch to anyone, even if you have to travel out of state to get there (like us). It’s worth it in every single regard.”
Thanks Madison!
We also met up with Rescue Ranch adopter Bambi and her dog,Venus, as she was known to us. Now a service dog, Venus helps Bambi with her PTSD. Sometimes she even alerts Bambi before an episode happens! Their story is so wonderful, I’m planning a spotlight feature in the near future.
We’d like to thank Naumes Suncrest Winery for their hospitality and look forward to our next event together!