Locals and Rescue Ranch Step In To Save Three More Dumped Dogs

I’ve already written about the unprecedented number of intakes this year, but they keep coming. We also have an epidemic of dumped dogs, abandoned to fend for themselves. Thankfully, some survive long enough to be rescued. Like the three young dogs in this post, who were saved thanks to dog-loving locals who called us for help.

Outcomes often terrible for dumped dogs

First, I want to underscore that, increasingly, dogs of all ages are dumped. It’s irresponsible, cruel, and dangerous.

Earlier this year, ranch staff  and Yreka Animal Control spent days trying to save a panicked, pregnant momma on route 263.  Every night, we hoped that she’d make to the next morning, when rescuers could try again.

One day, she ran all the way to town and got lost among the houses. Rescue Ranch Executive Director John Golay, waited , hoping she’d come out. She didn’t. That very night, she was hit and killed on the highway. She had returned to “her spot” along 263, where she was dumped. She was probably looking for her humans. It was so terribly sad and frustratingly unnecessary.

Stories like that make our successes bittersweet.

Some dumped dogs get lucky

On May 30, I accompanied John to Old State Hwy and Tennant Road. He had received a call about three dumped dogs. We met up with Steve and Gail Foxworthy. They and other concerned locals had been trying to capture the six-month-old pups for days. They left dog food and bedding in an effort to build trust.

When we arrived, Steve had  managed to catch one of the two females. There was no sign of her companions. Then, just as we were leaving, we spotted them at the intersection. They had heard our girl’s wimpers coming from the back of the truck and were following.

The male was light yellow like our girl in the back, the other female was black and tan. Local ranch owner Loch Jones drove up, as did some other dog-lovers who wanted to help. The pups just wouldn’t come close enough. We headed back to the sanctuary, and John decided to return the next day with some kennel panels.

Two wayward pups finally find safety

John rigged a long wire to the kennel door from a distance . Community members relayed each other, looking for an opportunity to capture the two pups.

According to Loch, on June 1, Steve finally pulled the door shut behind them as they went for the lunchmeat inside. They panicked. It was “quite a ruckus,” but Gail calmed them down and was even able to pet them. No one else could.

Under the watchful eyes of nearby cows, rescuers struggled to get their captives into the ranch truck. The black and tan girl easier but noisy!  John only uses a catch pole when absolutely necessary, but the little guy hadcut his tongue and was in danger of seriously injuring himself. Finally, he was in!

John drove them to the Sanctuary to meet up their long lost sister.


Thanks to the efforts of caring locals, the trio is safe ad sound! Although the other two will need time to get socialized, the first girl we picked up has already found a home with Raymond, one of the kind people who stopped to help out that first day. Her name is Maeve, and once she’s  spayed, she’ll go home with him. That’s one lucky girl!