Will Rescue Ranch Find Dream Homes For These Special Tripod Dogs?

In February, I wrote about Atlas, a severely injured young husky who came to us from Siskiyou County Animal Control.  We were able to get him the surgery he needed to save his life. Then, Elizabeth arrived in March with a broken leg that couldn’t be saved. Both dogs are doing well, and it doesn’t look like their new physical challenges have dampened their spirits in any way. Will Rescue Ranch find dream homes for these special tripod dogs?

Update on Atlas, the husky amputee

When we left off, Atlas had undergone surgery to remove the gangrenous portion of his left hindleg. He would need more procedures, but the vet wanted the emaciated dog to put on some weight first. By April 7, he was ready to head back to Ashland Animal Medical Hospital (AMH). He’s shown here climbing into the van.

Atlas came through surgery like a champ. He still needs time to heal, but he’s more comfortable and at less risk of reinjuring himself. Eventually the vet will also have to address the wound on his right front leg, but he’s improving every day and already getting around well on three legs.

If he still looks pretty ragged, it’s because we haven’t been able to fully shave and bathe him yet. When he’s all better, he’ll get the full spa treatment.  He’s a stunning dog in every way, and, once his coat has grown back in, he’ll be as beautiful on the outside as he is on the inside.

Atlas isn’t ready to go home yet, but he’s a much happier boy than when he arrived. His beautiful ice-blue eyes are bright and shiny, and he has a great big smile.


He has no reason to trust humans, and yet Atlas is a loving, friendly boy, who won’t let a missing leg interfere with his joy.

Meet Lizzie, the ball-obsessed tripod dog

Elizabeth, a.k.a Lizzie, is a wonderful black lab/pitty mix. At about four years old, she’s in the prime of life. She was surrendered to Rescue Ranch with a badly broken leg. Thanks to Kitu’s Fund, we were able to help her much in the same way as we did Atlas.

I met Lizzie for the first time this week. She has fully recovered and is just as eager to play as any ball-obsessed dog. We took her to one of the yards to get some pictures. She was happy and friendly. For her, the best part of the game was the chase. Her eyes didnt leave the ball as she waited for me to toss it. She might not have the mobility of a four-legged dog, but she seemed completely undeterred by her new so-called “physical limitations.”

Unlike Atlas, Lizzie is ready to go home with the right family.  She has plenty of energy, without being over-the-top. She’s gentle, even-tempered, and would make a good play and walking companion within reasonable limits.

I wonder, who will be lucky enough to adopt one of these special tripod dogs?