County Animal Control Reaches Out To Rescue Ranch To Save Injured Dogs

Rescue Ranch has a number of programs designed to help community dogs, including Kitu’s Fund, which helps cover medical expenses. The fund helps ranch residents, but it’s also a way for local dog owners to obtain no-interest loans for high-cost veterinary care. Another way it helps to save lives, is when Siskiyou County Animal Control reaches out to Rescue Ranch to save injured dogs.

County Animal Control is terribly underfunded. There are three officers for all of Siskiyou County. And they don’t just handle dogs, they deal with cats, cattle, farm animals, horses and more. Their shelter only has a few kennels and one full-time manager with whom we often work. We also have a relationship with City Animal Control. It faces similar challenges, as do the other municipal shelters in the region.

Animal Control employees in Siskiyou County do their best for the animals in their care, but they lack the necessary resources and space to meet current needs. Like the ranch, they‘re currently taking in an unprecedented number of animals.

Meet two injured dogs helped by Kitu’s Fund

Earlier this month, they picked up two terribly injured strays and asked Rescue Ranch for help.  Luckily, we had Kitu’s Fund and were able to get the dogs the urgent care they needed.

Atlas, a young husky,  had a horribly injured leg. The wound was gangrenous and life-threatening. He also had a very deep puncture in his front leg. The wear marks around his neck suggested that the poor guy was tied up for a very long time. It was just heartbreaking.

Velma, an adult German shepherd, was having trouble walking. She had worn the fur off her hind paws because of her mobility issues. Something was clearly wrong with her hips and lower back. The X-rays show the injured vertebra at the base if her spine.  We can’t know for sure, but we suspect she was hit by a car.

We were able to get both dogs to the Ashland Animal Medical Hospital (AMH)for evaluation.

The doctor immediately removed the gangrenous part of Atlas’ leg and treated the puncture wound. The dog was terribly emaciated and weak. So, AMH sent him back to the ranch to put on weight before his next surgery. The second procedure will remove the entire leg. He’ll be more comfortable that way, and he won’t reinjure himself. Barring any complications, after a period of recovery, Atlas should be able to lead a happy, active life. Many amputees do.

Velma won’t be so lucky. We’re still uncertain about what can be done about her condition. Hopefully we can improve her mobility through some physical therapy and light exercise, but she will need special care and attention for the rest of her life.

Donate to Kitu’s Fund to help dogs like Velma and Atlas

County has now transferred both Velma and Atlas to Rescue Ranch, and we’ll see them through their  treatment. Eventually, when they’re ready, they’ll be available for adoption to the right home. We’re so thankful to have been able to help the county shelter give both dogs a second chance at life. Kitu’s Fund is a life saver. Please visit the Kitu’s Fund page for more information and consider donating.