Want To Volunteer? Spend Quality Time With A Rescue Ranch Dog!

Last August, I wrote about how Chris and Marni Wroth had taken Diva, the lonely English bulldog, under their wing. She benefitted greatly from their regular visits. More recently, I shared that she had been adopted and was very happy. After that, they spent time with Capone and then Annie, a lovely senior Shepherd mix. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: if you want to volunteer and bring joy to a dog’s life, come spend quality time with a Rescue Ranch dog.

When Annie came to us in October, 2021, she was a gentle senior dog, disoriented by the sudden changes in her life. She needed a home, but we feared that at her age it would take time. We were happy when she was adopted quickly. Unfortunately, she came back because she was incompatible with her new canine housemate.

Despite her 11 years, Annie is still spry and playful. We knew there was a home out there for her, somewhere. She waited more than five months to find it.

The right care and attention change a senior rescue dog’s life

Enter, Marni and Chris. They noticed Annie and, after Capone went home, they began taking her out for walks away from the ranch. When I heard they were on the case, I knew it was a good sign. After all, the Rescue Ranch dogs they had spent quality time with had been adopted. Diva, Capone, would the third time be the charm for Annie?

The recent changes in her life were hard on Annie:  kill shelter, transfer, rescue shelter, adoption, return. That’s a lot for any dog, more so for a senior. Regular visits from her new friends helped to keep her engaged while she waited for her new family to find her.

When I saw Annie again, I was amazed at how good she looked.  Her fur had been noticeably thin, and she had a large growth on her left side. Now,  the growth was gone, and her dull, sparse, coat was thick and shiny. What a difference good care makes.

I caught up with Chris and Marni last week at the ranch. Marni was going on a trip and didn’t want to leave Annie too long without a visit.

Chris said that they typically took Annie for a puppatti at the local Burger King and then for a walk in Greenhorn park. I asked, “why not a puppuccino, like Diva?” They explained that Annie didn’t like puppuccinos. She defnitely knows what she wants and, apparently, that doesn’t include whipped cream. Marni added that Annie, unlike Diva, isn’t terribly food motivated. It seemed to her that, more than anything, Annie ate the puppatti to please them. Silly girl!

That was last week. On Sunday, I received the good news that Annie had been adopted. She’s pictured here with her wonderful new family. Chris and Marni have now chosen Velma as their next “quality-time” dog. Lucky girl!