Perfect Match? Lonely Rescue Ranch Dog Finally Finds Happy Home

Several months ago, I wrote about Diva, the sad seven-year-old English Bulldog. She had been returned multiple times and was languishing in her kennel, hoping to find the perfect match. We were grateful when volunteers Chris and Marni Wroth (pictured below) took an interest in her and began to visit regularly. They took her on “puppuccino” outings,  helped with her socialization, and kept her spirits up. It was a life-changing experience for her. She clearly enjoyed spending quality time with them. Nevertheless, we all knew that she needed a more permanent solution, away from the shelter. We sometimes wondered if this lonely Rescue Ranch dog would ever finally find a happy home.


There were a number of factors that made Diva difficult to place. She would do best as the only dog in the house, without cats and preferably without children.  She also needed a stress-free environment with a patient adopter who would provide all the love she craved. To top it all off, she had some diet-related skin allergies that required attention.  She was very particular and certainly lived up to her name. That being said, she was, and is, an endearing 45-pound dog that really just needed to find the right home. Thankfully, she did!

Diva finally went home back in November. Would the fourth time be the charm in her case? We waited. We didn’t hear anything for a while, but she didn’t come back.  Was no news, good news?   It seems that it was. When Rescue Ranch Manager Rick Formanek went to visit her in her new home, he found a happy bulldog who had indeed found her perfect match! She is in her element, leading a full life in a quiet home with plenty of love. Rick took some pictures with his phone, so we could all see how well she’s doing.

Chris and Marni take another rescue dog under their wing

After Diva found her match and went to what appears to be her ideal home, Chris and Marni needed another project. They looked around and found Annie.  She’s a wonderful old gal, and even found an adopter shortly after we featured her the first time. Unfortunately, she was soon back at the ranch. She didn’t didn’t take to her housemate. It turns out that despite having lived with other dogs in the past, this senior girl now might prefer to be the only dog in the house. I look forward to following up soon with a story about Chris and Marni and their new pal, Annie.