Schipp Sisters

We got our ‘Girls’ February 2016 – from a family of nine! Trouble & Noni (No Name) eventually became Bella and Foxy. I often tell the story, of how these dogs were destined for our home. My wife is very fond of a Family friend schipperke mix. That day we drove down from Oregon, to meet with the staff to talk about fostering our first dog. While waiting to talk to John in the office, Danae looked through the glass window door from the office- And yells “Ross! schipperkes!” as nine schipperkes were getting washed and dried. We knew that day, that someone would be coming home. Danae was working out of state, I came back and adopted two to Surprise her when she came home. I just felt I couldn’t break up this large family without bringing home at least one sibling for the other dog.
When she got home, and saw two furry faces -she said, “we can’t have two dogs!”
So I said, “which one do you want me take back? “ I knew the answer all ready!
I have pictures of seven of the family, and one memorable video of the whole family together.
We would love to arrange a play date, if any of the other Family came back to Southern Oregon. I have tried to follow the Journey of the Schip Family. We like to say ‘hello’ to Barney, Bel-Bel, and a few others that have posted their story.

~ Ross

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