My Lil Buddy

We were visiting family, they had this adorable little dog that they had adopted from the rescue ranch which just so happened to be down the road from their house. So on the way out we decided that we would stop in & check it out. I told my boyfriend Steve as we were pulling into the parking lot “Not to fall in love with the first one he sees!”. we get out of the car & outside in a pen was this little dog & that was it…..I was in LOVE!! His name was Dunn his brother Brooks had already been adopted, they were strays, Dunn had a bark collar on (& I understand why now haha). We changed his name to Buddy, which fits, & he responded to instantly. Buddy rules the roust at home he has 3 Great Pyrenees that he keeps in line along with horses, chickens, ducks, pigs, & sheep & a dozen cats, that he terrorizes & yet they love him, & sleep with him & groom him. Buddy never leaves my side. He is My Lil Buddy, & he loves me as much as I love him !!!

~ Gloria

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