Want To Help Rescue Ranch Save More Dogs? Join A Kennel Squad!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Rescue Ranch is struggling with unprecedented numbers this year. The alarming increase in unwanted dogs and puppies is affecting our ability to save lives. We’re turning down dogs on kill lists down south because so many local dogs need our help. It’s heartbreaking.  If you’d like to help save more dogs, we encourage you to join a Kennel Squad!Join a Kennel Squad, Level 2

Surprisingly, space isn’t our main issue. We have space. But rescue is an elaborate, resource-intensive undertaking, and there are many other factors that come into play.

First, it requires reliable staffing to care for the dogs rain or shine, round the clock if necessary. Then there is food and water, transportation, veterinary services, administration of intakes, adoptions and fosters, maintenance, daily cleaning, cleaning supplies, medications, vaccines, microchips, spay/neuter, electricity, management, transfers, rescue boarding, evaluations, dog showing, bathing, accessories, emergency preparedness, outreach, and the list goes on.

And let’s not forget dog engagement, such as walking, play time, treats, socialization, toys, handling, etc. Nope. Rescue is no small venture.

Why Recurring Donations Are So Important

Without getting too far into the weeds, if we want to keep our kennels full and help more dogs, we need a sustainable, scalable, predictable fundraisingJoin a Kennel Squad, Level 1 program. After discussing our options, we decided that we should create a more robust recurring donations program. There are always fluctuations, of course, but a well-developed subscription program goes a long way to smooth the peaks and valleys of nonprofit fundraising.

When you join a Kennel Squad, you help save lives all year round.

Initially we thought about inviting our donors to symbolically sponsor individual dogs, but with very few exceptions, our goal is to find homes for them as quickly as possible.  So individual sponsorships didn’t make Join a Kennel Squad, Level 3much sense. We needed to address current needs, but the program also had to encourage long-term membership, have growth potential and allow us to fulfill our mission even as our needs changed.


That’s how we came up with the Kennel Squad Program.  It is an attractive option that engages supporters and keeps participants connected to the work of the ranch.

Being part of  a sustaining  membership program, like the Kennel Squad program, has many personal benefits.

When you sign up, at a level you’re comfortable with, you’ll choose to join one of four squads. Each squad will symbolically sponsor a kennel group. There will be monthly photos of the dogs that occupy your kennel group, you’ll receive a digital certificate acknowledging your squad membership, and, after one year, we’ll give you a Rescue Ranch Kennel Squad T-shirt!

Most of all, you’ll feel good knowing  that you’ve  joined forces with other dog lovers to have a sustained positive impact. You’ll literally be saving lives every day, helping the community, and fighting overpopulation. Don’t wait,  join today!