Art Show Proceeds Are Generously Donated By the Artist To Rescue Ranch

On June 3, Rescue Ranch Executive Director John Golay and I, attended Leif Voeltz’s show opening at Directions in Mt Shasta. When we arrived just after 4 p.m., a small crowd had already gathered around the display of colorful ceramics. We were there to meet the artist who had generously offered to donate his art show proceeds to Rescue Ranch.  If you’d like to support a gifted local artist and Rescue Ranch, we encourage you to check out his work at Directions, on N Mount Shasta Blvd., through June 24.

Leif’s collection is composed of wheel thrown and hand built, bowls, mugs, platters, whimsical birdfeeders, bird baths, and other pieces. The smooth colorful glazes contrast beautifully with the textured stoneware medium. He says that he deliberately creates objects with some heft to them because he likes the feel and organic aesthetic. They certainly were a hit with the 50+ attendees at the two-hour opening: more than half of the items had sold by the end of the evening.

The event’s success was particularly gratifying for Leif  because it was his first show ever.  His interest in pottery started when he was a boy in southern California and continued throughout high school. Later, when he retired from the successful Mt. Shasta business he co-created in 1977, he turned his attention to pottery once again. Both Leif and his wife, Lacy, enjoy working with ceramics. So much so that they built a studio in their home. Lacy isn’t showing her work this time, but she did glaze some of the pieces on display.

Rescue Ranch needs your help

I asked Leif why they had chosen Rescue Ranch. He replied that both he and Lacy are animal lovers and longtime supporters of the ranch.  The art show proceeds were another way they could help make the dogs in our care. Needless to say, we are very grateful.


Rescue Ranch resources are running low this year. We’re  having to limit intakes because we don’t have the means to care for any more  dogs.  It breaks our hearts to turn away dog owners who need help with high-cost medical expenses because Kitu’s Fund is empty. Or to ignore pleas for dogs slated to die in kill shelter down south because of the unprecedented number of local dogs that need our help.

That’s why we’ re doubly thankful for supporters like Leif and Lacy Voeltz. They remind us how important community is in dark times. So if you’re going to be in Mount Shasta, please check out Leif Voeltz’s show at the Directions boutique.

Another way to show your support is, to set up a monthly recurring donation. It will help Rescue Ranch build a a more stable financial foundation that will allow us to plan for the future in these difficult times. It’s easy to do, just choose to make monthly donation on our General Fund page.

When we say we can’t do this without you, we mean it!