Rescue Ranch Adopters Open their hearts and home to Young Husky Amputee

When we first introduced Atlas last February, he had arrived at Rescue Ranch with a gangrenous hind leg and a puncture in his foreleg.  We were able to treat him thanks to Kitu’s Fund, a Rescue Ranch program that helps cover high-cost veterinary expenses. After his initial life-saving surgery,  the vet still had work to do, but he wanted the underweight young husky amputee to put on some pounds first. The second intervention occurred in April.  Atlas recovered and quickly learned to get around on three legs. His next challenge would be to find the right home. And boy, did he ever!

New puppy adopters also foster young husky amputee

This “happily ever after” story begins when Erin and David decided to adopt a black husky/shepherd mix named Cinder.  They had recently lost one of their beloved older special needs dogs.  When they visited Rescue Ranch to complete the adoption, David spied Atlas in his kennel. He approached  and the young dog put his head in David’s hand. In Erin’s words they, “fell in love with him immediately.”  The adopters were completely head-over-heals with their new puppy, now named Stella, but Atlas remained on their minds as a possible foster.

A month later, their other older special needs dog passed away as well. Erin and David were devastated to lose two  cherished companions within weeks of each other. But, despite their loss, they decided to go ahead and foster Atlas. They knew he needed them, and they needed him too. Atlas only took a few days to settle in his new home.

You can guess what happened next: foster-fail. He wasn’t going anywhere.

Two Rescue Ranch dogs find love in one family

When I spoke to Erin and David for this article, they said they couldn’t love their two new family members more and took them everywhere. They described Stella as unlimited energy and a big baby they love to death. Atlas, they said, was perfect, sweet, loyal and loving.

Since then, the friendly and outgoing young husky amputee hasn’t let his missing leg slow him down one bit.

His adopters told me that he loves to play with squeaky toys, especially the banana. After David lost the first one, they ordered five more to ensure this silly boy would always have his banana.  According to Erin, when they go on their multiple daily walks, Atlas likes to bring a toy along. He carries it half way before putting it down and waiting for his humans to carry it home.

Atlas and Stella have become inseparable. They enjoy playing together, riding in the car, and running at the dog park.

Video: Atlas running

As for the husky’s foreleg, Erin and David said the wound still opens up occasionally. Without the bursa, or pad, that separates skin from bone, the elbow remains fragile.

Stella and Atlas have found their way from the care of Rescue Ranch to a loving family of their very own. We couldn’t hope for a better outcome.