Thank You For Helping Rescue Ranch Save Lives and Making 2021 Such A Success!

As I sit down to write today, I’ve been reflecting on what a year it’s been. Few would argue that, for many of us,  2021 has been one of the most challenging years ever. Yet, despite all of the hardships and obstacles, our community of donors  still stepped up to help us save and improve the lives of dogs.

Now, as we enter the holiday season and contemplate  the end of the year,  I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of our most important accomplishments so far.

A Busy Year for Rescue Ranch

Thanks to our supporters, so far we have positively impacted more than 2,159 dogs this year. Some were given sanctuary, many were fostered, close to 450 were adopted, others were transported and still others were temporarily boarded on their way to other rescues. We also provided low-cost vaccinations and microchips to community members, no interest loans for high cost veterinary care, access to affordable spay/neuter services and gave out free food from our pet food bank.

As many of you will recall, we took in more than 150 evacuated, displaced and injured dogs during the Lava Fire emergency in early July. That’s triple the number from last year’s fire season. Still more dogs trickled in after the main crisis had passed for a final total of 214. Some remain at the ranch, waiting for a home. Without the help of our local and extended community, we would have been hard pressed to meet the challenge. But, as intense as it was, that was a temporary situation.

What we didn’t anticipate was this year’s sharp increase in regular in-takes. We went from an average of 35 to 40 dogs, to an average of more than 60. The number doubles when you add all of the dogs in foster care.

This brings me to the subject of spay/neuter and RRAAP, our brand new alter assistance program for community dogs. It is not an exaggeration to say that the implementation of this program is one of our proudest achievements of the year.

RRAAP – Controlling Overpopulation, Preventing Needless Suffering

Spay/neuter is the most effective and humane way to control pet overpopulation and prevent needless suffering. It also promotes pet health and welfare.

We firmly believe that, together with education around responsible dog ownership, spay/neuter is one of the keys to ending the need for organizations like Rescue Ranch. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t have to exist? To live in a world with no unwanted pets, no kill shelters and no kill lists?

It would be. But the reality is that the kill lists are getting longer. We find ourselves having to make impossible choices, knowing that if we don’t take an adult dog, a senior dog, a special needs dog, a pregnant dog, or a litter of orphaned puppies, they’ll probably die.

The Rescue Ranch Alter Assistance Program (RRAAP) began in March, 2021. It was seeded with $5000 and a generous grant from North State Community Foundation. Our objective was to address three major obstacles to spay/neuter: accessibility, affordability and transportation.

Through this program, Rescue Ranch secures reasonably priced vet appointments for dog owners and transports the animals for free.  If cost is still an issue for a community member, Rescue Ranch will do its best to work with them. We have helped 43 community dogs so far.

We’re so grateful to have been able to get this long-awaited program off the ground. That being said, it is only the beginning for RRAAP.  Looking ahead, we hope to serve many more dog owners in the future as the prorgam develops. The next logical step for us would be to establish our own clinic. This would eliminate transportation barriers and further mitigate cost and accessibility issues. Imagine how many pets we could help if we had our own veterinary facility! It would be such an asset to the community.

Yes, 2021 has been a tough year, but thanks to our donors, we’ve continued to save lives and serve the community. To support our efforts moving forward, and to help us grow essential community-oriented programs like RRAAP, please consider donating to Rescue Ranch this Giving Tuesday.

Help Us Kick Off the Giving Season!

Every year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, millions of givers around the world participate in GivingTuesday. On this global day of giving, we all celebrate and uplift grassroots generosity and generosity as a universally held value.


2 ways you can support Rescue Ranch this Giving Tuesday

  1. Donate online through the North State Giving Tuesday Portal, accessible now for early giving and through November 30. In our region, the Community Foundation of the North State hosts North State Giving Tuesday. We’re grateful to be among the over 180  nonprofits participating in this wonderful online event.
  2. Rescue Ranch Thrift Store -Triple Your Support On Nov. 30. When you shop at the Rescue Ranch Thrift Store, your purchases support our mission. On November 30, that support will be tripled thanks to two generous donors who have offered to match all purchases for that day. Location: 740 S. Main in Yreka. Phone: (530) 643-8156.

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