Still Waiting. Will You Help these Rescue Ranch Dogs Find Loving Homes?

Once again the time has come to talk about some of our longtime residents. For some reason these four perfectly adoptable dogs just go unnoticed. We’ve promoted them on social, made videos, and covered most of them in our blog posts, but they’re still waiting. Perhaps this week will be different and they’ll all find loving homes soon.

2 young-at-heart seniors still need loving homes


Penguin has been with us since February 2021. We can’t understand why this wonderful Lab still hasn’t found his person. At 95 pounds he’s a large dog, but his demeanor is gentle and easy going. Penguin was excited to get out of his yard with Manager Rick Formanek and initially tugged eagerly on his leash. But he soon shifted to a relaxed pace.

When we stopped to sit in the fresh, stunningly green, spring grass, he was just happy to be hanging out. Now eight years old, his energy is tempered by maturity.

I can imagine him following his person around their property, surveying his domain from the porch, enjoying a leisurely romp out on the trail, or joining his family by a warm fire on cold winter evenings.

Penguin should be spending his golden years as a loyal companion to some lucky adopter.

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Onyx came to us in March 2021. He was near death. I recounted his harrowing ordeal a year ago in anpther article . We nursed him back to health but had to wait for him to be officially transferred to Rescue Ranch before making him available. It took months because Onyx was the evidence in his own neglect case.

An affectionate dog, he often behaves like a silly Kong-loving teddy bear. Staff member Sydney Palmer took these pics showing his cuddly side.

I’m always so moved by his soulful amber eyes, how is it that no one wants him?

Onyx went through hell, but he still loves humans. He just wants to be loved back.

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Can you believe these 2 huskies are still waiting too?


Rory is a gorgeous, fun-loving young Siberian husky who arrived in August 2021 from a shelter where he was slated to be euthanized for space.

He’s always laughing at some secret joke we’re not in on. This goofy, playful boy has the biggest silly smile.

It’s simply impossible to understand why an active,  people-loving husky like Rory hasn’t found a match yet. He’s attentive, trainable, and would do well in an active household. At four years old, he should be out adventuring with his person, not living at a rescue.

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Beautiful Bobby was also saved from euthanasia in August 2021. Why he hasn’t gone home yet, is a mystery.  At nearly six years old,  he’s mature but still in his prime and should be out living his best life with a new family.

Friendly Bobby is fun and loves to play with his big red ball. He’ll wait for you to throw it, then chase it down, bring it back, and proudly show off his prize. He’ll also enjoy telling you all about his day.

Bobby thrives on human interaction and will do well with physical activity, mental stimulation, and plenty of affection.

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Let’s get these guys into loving homes

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a dog, please consider these fantastic candidates. No matter how much we love them and how well we care for them, they all deserve more than we can offer. They deserve loving homes of their very own. Fill out an application on their bio page or contact us to set up a meet-and-greet.