Dog Accommodations Will Get Much Needed Update With Your Support This May

On Monday, May 1, Rescue Ranch launched the “New Digs For The Dogs” fundraiser. The month-long campaign will raise funds to update the dog accommodations on the south side of the Adoption Center. After years of exposure to the elements, these installations are overdue for replacement. If we raise $12,500 in May, we’ll complete the project this year. Amazingly, we’re already well on our way to reaching our goal. As I write this article, we’re more than halfway there, thanks to our wonderful supporters.

Why do we need to update our dog accommodations?

Let me take you back to 2006-2009, when volunteers worked on what would become the new Rescue Ranch Adoption Center. They painted, added plumbing, and otherwise transformed the interior of the existing building. They also ensured that the dogs would be comfortably housed in safe, secure enclosures with outdoor access.

For the next 14-15 years, snow, rain, wind, and sun took their toll on the outdoor panels on both sides of the building, damaging them beyond repair. Eventually, it became clear that they would soon become unusable and that was not an option for such essential installations.

Let’s finish what we started last year

Last year, we were able to update our dog accommodations along the north side of the facility. But the high cost of materials made it impossible to do the whole building.


Our goal with the “New Digs For The Dogs” campaign is to do the same on the south wall.



The building will then be equipped on both sides with durable outdoor enclosures for many years to come. The new, high-quality, galvanized steel panels are expected to last 20-30 years.

8 other panels will lower dog stress and make effective use of space

This year, we’ll also acquire an additional eight panels to separate a group of connected free-standing outdoor enclosures that currently share walls.

Our purpose is to use those spaces more effectively, make it easier to insert visual barriers, and add distance between potentially incompatible neighbors. This will reduce stress on the occupants and allow for more flexibility when we receive evacuees or temporary residents who are unknown to us and to each other.

Old Panels Won’t Go To Waste

As the Designated Dog Evacuation Center for Siskiyou County since 2020, Rescue Ranch has faced daunting logistical challenges during wildfires. We’ve accommodated up to 70 dogs in less than six hours while managing our existing 60+ residents. The more space and kennel options we have, the better. The old panels taken from the dog accommodations will not go to waste. Instead, we’ll salvage as much material as possible and repurpose it for use during emergencies.

Please help us reach our $12,500 fundraising goal this May

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Thank you so much for your support from the dogs and the entire Rescue Ranch family.