Need To Spay Neuter Your Dog This Spring? Rescue Ranch Can Help

The brisk February morning air is still chilly here in Yreka, California, but the snow-free mountain passes and lengthening days are sure signs that spring is on its way.  For Rescue Ranch, this can only mean one thing: it’s time to ramp up our spay/neuter program, RRAAP. The Rescue Ranch Alter Assistance Program, is our way of helping community dog owners make the healthy choice for their pet and do their part to control overpopulation. So, if you need to spay/neuter your dog, remember that Rescue Ranch can help.

Over the past few months, our fosters have been absolutely drowning in puppies. It’s been overwhelming. I shudder to think what spring will bring. But, as taxing as it has been, our puppies are the lucky ones. What about the hundreds of thousands of pregnant moms and pups who weren’t rescued? The ones left to fend for themselves? The abandoned and neglected ones sentenced to die alone from complications or dumped at kill shelters?  What about all the unaltered males who were picked up as strays or hit by cars as they roamed  the streets in search of a mate?  Spay/neuter is the most effective method for preventing the needless suffering caused by overpopulation and unwanted pregnancies.

Rescue Ranch supports affordable spay/neuter efforts

It is our position that spay/neuter is our best tool for combatting pet overpopulation, and that it is also healthier for the dog. That’s why we spay/neuter all of our dogs, and we do everything we can to encourage dog owners to do the same.  We also recognize that there are significant obstacles to spay/neuter in Siskiyou County. We understand that while many dog owners want to do the responsible thing, they can’t always do it alone. That’s where RRAAP comes in.

Our community program overcomes the top three barriers faced by local dog owners: access, cost and transportation. We secure appointments at the most reasonable rates we can find. Then, we provide free transportation to the vet, even if it takes us to Oregon. Dog owners are responsible for veterinary expenses, but we do our best to work with community members who are struggling financially.

RRAAP schedules multiple appointments with the vet on the same day. The next date is scheduled for February 24. Space is limited, so don’t wait to get in touch. Please call 530-859-0139 at any time, day or night, to leave a message with your contact information. The RRAAP coordinator will get back to you with availability and the details.