Rescue Ranch Thrift Store Celebrates 5 Years Of Helping Dogs

The Rescue Ranch Thrift Store celebrated its 5-year anniversary last Friday, March 31, and Saturday, April 1.  Manager Jodi Wilson and her wonderful staff marked the occasion with two days of celebration at the store’s new location, which opened on December 1, 2022.  The event was well attended, bringing in 90 customers on the first day and 92 on the second! By Saturday afternoon, most of the furniture displayed “sold” tags and the shelves needed restocking.

Anniversary celebration fun

On Friday, a handwritten sign welcomed visitors to a 1/2 price sale in honor of  the occasion. Past the refreshments and beyond the counter on the right, treats beckoned. A lovely, large half-lemon/half-chocolate anniversary cake and homemade German chocolate cupcakes awaited hungry shoppers. I confess, I tried a little of everything.

Patrons flowed in steadily, checking out the furniture and bargains throughout the store.  They shopped, socialized with friends and enjoyed a slice of delicious cake. Some had even brought their dogs along. Hoping to win one of the prize drawings, buyers dropped sales receipts into a glass bowl held aloft by a colorful seasonal bunny.

Sue and Bill Doron set up Rescue Ranch table at the back of the store, near the books. Mina kept them company and greeted visitors with kisses and a tail wag. Friendly, young Mina is one of the many adoptable dogs available at the Adoption Center.

Rescue Ranch volunteers Bill and Diana Chesney came in with their adopted Rescue Ranch dog, Flores. Flores and his siblings were rescued as very young puppies during the Lava Fire in 2021. Thankfully, they were eventually reunited with their mother.

The next day, celebrations continued with more refreshments, baked goods, prize drawings, a $5 bag clothing sale, and live music. Customers shopped to the sound of CCR tunes and Americana music performed by local band Kinfolk.

It was great fun all around.

Thank you to our wonderful  Yreka business supporters:

  • Baxter Auto
  • Lona Mae’s
  • Miner Diner
  • Natalee Thai Restaurant
  • Rain Rock Casino
  • Smoked Tomato Pie
  • Strings Italian Cafe
  • Thoughtful Nest

Have you visited the Rescue Ranch Thrift Store’s new location?

Big Store, great inventory, pet-friendly, lots of parking

The new Rescue Ranch Thrift Store is more spacious than the original and has a lot of room to store inventory at the back. As before, it is pet-friendly and visitors are free to shop with their dogs on leash. Conveniently, there’s a loading area as well as plenty of parking out front and around the side of the building . Click here to visit and follow the Thrift Store Facebook Page.

Community Pet Food Bank distribution point

Another innovation is that the Thrift Store is now the distribution point for the Rescue Ranch Community Pet Food Bank.  Although most of in-kind donations will still come in to the Adoption Center on Oberlin road, the Rescue Ranch Thrift Store will now handle distribution. Its central location makes it much more accessible to community pet owners in need.  Click here to learn more about the Community Pet food Bank.