Rescue Ranch Burn Dog Story From Last Summer Airs On TV As 2022 Wildfires Begin

There were two wildfires last week. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again. An evacuation order was even ordered for the one that broke out north of Weed, in an area close to last year’s devastating fires. Coincidentally, the “To the Rescue” episode recounting a Rescue Ranch burn dog story, recently aired on TV. It was about our wonderful Lady,  injured in last summer’s Lava Fire.

Lady’s wonderful story not only warms our hearts but also reminds us that the work we do has real life and death implications.

Last year, the Lava Fire hit suddenly and burned swiftly. As the designated Dog Evacuation Center for Siskiyou County, Rescue Ranch quickly took in 150 dogs in just a few days, three times the previous year’s numbers. Our final tally was 214 fire dogs, and that’s over and above our regular contingent of about 40 dogs at the time. Most were evacuees who eventually went home, but there were also unclaimed strays and several severely injured dogs who needed long-term care.

Local residents and businesses came together to support Rescue Ranch. We also received truckloads of in-kind donations from other communities who had experienced the heartbreak of wildfires and were eager to help. People dropped off checks, ordered from our Amazon wishlist or donated online to our wildfire campaign.

The Arthur R. Dubbs Foundation supported us with a very generous donation for the dogs. Meanwhile, the county provided funds to reimburse some of the extra operational expenses associated with transporting, housing, and caring for so many additional dogs.

It was a huge undertaking, and we deeply appreciate all of the donations that came in. There’s no doubt that the tremendous support we received from individuals and organizations allowed us to save many lives.

Please donate to the Rescue Ranch 2022 Wildfire Campaign

Now, we find ourselves gearing up for another round. Every year, fire season seems to come earlier, and, every year, their seem to be more fires. We can’t wait for the next emergency to hit, we must start our 2022 wildfire campaign now. The more prepared we are, the more animals we’ll be able to help.

Please consider donating to our 2022 Wildfire Campaign. Together we can make a difference.