Rehome: Blue to Good Place Soon

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A nice picture of Blue showing off his golden eyes and cute ears.

Name: Blue
Age: 8 months
Breed: Australian Kelpie

I currently live in Anderson California.

Blue is a purebred australian kelpie. He is fixed, current on vaccinations, and micro-chipped though the microchip has not been fully activated yet. (we have the activation card and instructions) He was originally bred to be a cattle dog. He then became a Christmas gift to my 79 year old grandmother. When she realized she could not train him, she sent him to us for training. However, she and my family have realized that none of us can offer Blue the care he needs. He has so much energy and wants to play or work all day. Our household cannot support that. He is playful and loving to those in his household. When going to visits, like to the vet, he is happy and gregarious. He doesn’t like strangers coming onto his territory, or on walks however. He also doesn’t like other dogs on walks. Additionally, due to his herding breed, he wants to chase moving things like cars, carts, trash cans, and wheelbarrows. He does very well with other dogs in the home in that he loves to play with them. We currently have a small dachshund mix though that we are worried about getting hurt by the bigger Blue. He does currently live with cats and would chase them if we let him. He does try to make them run by poking at them and focusing in on them like a pointing dog. We don’t know how he is with children. He would probably love to interact with livestock. We have two sheep that he tries to play with but we don’t let him. He is also incredibly intelligent and picks up agility tricks quickly.

Please contact the owner directly at (530) 515-5276
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The dog you see above is a local owner surrender.
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