Rehome: Archie Boy

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Name: Archie
Age: 2.5
Breed: Aussie mix

I currently live in Fort Collins Colorado.

Archie wants to be a good boy. He was a street dog without a home or family in California, when a friend of mine found him on the streets. I agreed to take him in. He doesn’t get along with cats at all, and I wouldn’t recommend a home with small children. .He gets along with other dogs as long as he is properly introduced. He is high anxiety and high maintenance. He needs a home where he can roam and be free on his own, ideally a ranch or large open spaced area. He IS a very good and loving boy, he just is not getting the quality of life he deserves with me. I love him more than anything and I am heartbroken, but he deserves a home where he can be happy and I don’t have to live in fear of him attacking someone or running into traffic chasing moving objects. He is an Aussie mix so he is good at herding and outdoor living.

Please contact the owner directly at (970) 999-2936
[email protected]

The dog you see above is a local owner surrender.
The dog is not a Rescue Ranch dog and is not currently at Rescue Ranch.