Amazing dog, Belle, is looking for her forever home & family!

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  • Name: Belle

  • Age: 5 years

  • Breed: Border collie/Australian Shepard/Blue Heeler

  • Location: Weed California US

Belle is one of the greatest dogs I’ve ever had, she is loving, smart, funny and intuitive. She understands things far better than any human and she enjoys being helpful. When she was 2 years old she was given expensive training lessons and she still knows all her commands; she even helped train a young french bulldog she’s been fostered with to not jump up on people and to not pee inside. She can be outside by herself without running away and never takes off when on hikes or walks. She is amazing with kids (her foster home has young children), she truly loves having little humans to play with and protect! She is fixed and microchipped and even has her identification papers! Belle is a dog deserving of all the good things in life and it would break her heart if she ended up having to go to a shelter. So on her behalf, please consider having her as a part of your family, you won’t regret it!