Success for First “Dog Days for Summer” Rescue Ranch Event

Last Saturday, May 21, we hosted the “Dog Days for Summer” Rescue Ranch event with six other rescue organizations. They joined with us in an effort to increase awareness, build relationships and secure adoptions. Fire Safe Council of Siskiyou County and the Forest Service were also represented.  When it was over, we received positive feedback from all participants and we look forward to building on this success in the future.

“Dog Days for Summer” took place at the Rescue Ranch Adoption Center in Yreka, CA.  The weather was perfect: it was warm and sunny, without the strong winds that sometimes come through the valley. Visitors were able to stroll comfortably. They took their time chatting with cooperating rescues, meeting Rescue Ranch dogs, checking out the Thrift store tent, watching demos and enjoying lunch at Tacos Tao.

When it came to kennel placement for visiting organizations, rescue Ranch staff were strategic. They opted to minimized stress levels by giving the dogs ample room, in and around their enclosures. This approach also encouraged the public to spread out across the extensive grounds.  As a result, the impression of space that was created belied the actual number of people in attendance. We actually recorded more than 70 unique visitors, which is  excellent for a first event!


Jefferson Working Dogs and Intermountain Mannered Mutts took up residence near the exercise yard where their demos would take place.  Goliath Mountain Rescue and Siskiyou Humane Society set up along the perimeter fence behind the puppy pens. We also had special indoor areas for visiting cats, to help keep them safe and calm. Saving Shasta Cats took over the new “Puppy Palace,” while Siskiyou County Animal Control put their kittens in a structure called “Nick’s Place,” after the person who donated it .

Collaboration helps rescues without brick-and-mortar facilities

The event grew out of conversations between Rescue Ranch and smaller rescues. We discussed how alarmed we were at the growing number of unwanted pets and how we all needed to grow our pool of potential adopters. We could provide a venue for non-brick-and-mortar cooperative partners, which, except for Siskiyou Humane, applied to everyone. That’s when the concept of a collaborative event was born.

Adoptions at “Dog Days for Summer” Rescue Ranch Event

There were a number of adoptions and fosters. Goliath Mountain Rescue found an adopter for their lovely white shepherd and Siskiyou Humane found homes for a dog and a foster-to-adopt puppy. Meanwhile, Siskiyou Animal Control placed all four of its kittens: two were fostered and two were fostered-to-adopt. We placed four Rescue Ranch puppies, one young nine-month-old dog, and one adult. We also received three additional event-driven applications for two adults and one puppy. Those adoptions are now pending.

Another important goal we had, was to get more exposure for the non brick-and-mortar rescues. Sucessful adoptions are the product of good relationships, and it often takes several visits to find the right match.  We hope we provided an environment conducive to that relationship-building process for everyone involved.