Natalie Golay

Kids in puppy pen
Successful Rescue Dog Adoptions at McCloud Lumberjack Fiesta Days
LavaFireYoungDogs_Moon _and_Chino_RRSanctuary_3_AustinBrower
The New Rescue Ranch Sanctuary Will Help At-Risk and Special Needs Dogs
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Lava Fire Pets Get Welcome Help From Animal Lovers in Other Communities
Ash in Kevin Arm
Puppy Orphan Found and Rescued from Fire Ashes by Loving First Responder
Ash getting his second round of fluids
Rescue Ranch Launches Appeal For Help To Care For Over 100 Lava Fire Dogs
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We Love Great Adoption Events! Because Every Rescue Dog Deserves A Chance.
Do you Love Your Dog? Show Your Dog You Care, Spay & Neuter!
Girl Scouts Raise $1,007 for Rescue Ranch!