Giving Tuesday 2023 Was A Barking Success: Thank Woof To Our Donors!

Well, Giving Tuesday 2023 has come and gone and all we can say is, “Thank Woof!” to our incredible supporters. It is thanks to this ever-growing community of dog lovers that Rescue Ranch can pursue its no-kill mission. Together we save more lives and give dogs a chance to thrive in loving homes.

Giving Tuesday 2023 – A Barking Success

Our goal for Giving Tuesday 2023 was $30,000, and we’re elated to announce that we not only attained our goal, we exceeded it! Thanks to the generosity of 226 online and several offline donors, we raised $10,000 above our stated target. Our supporters are the best.

A big shout out also goes out to Community Foundation of the Northwest, organizer of the North State Gives online fundraising event. Their staff went out of their way to support participating nonprofits.  I can’t say enough about how approachable and responsive they were. They provided resources, answered questions, organized zoom conference calls and in-person meetings, all to help every organization succeed. Giving Tuesday is no small event, it takes weeks, if not months, to prepare. Having the support of a knowledgeable partner is invaluable.

And we’d like to thank Mount Shasta’s Berryvale Grocery for their $1000 matching grant, as well as Black Bear Diner for their “Shout Out & A’Paws” contest prize. We were one of the winners thanks to your votes. Did I mention our supporters are the best?

Success was particularly critical this year because so many dogs need our help right now. The numbers are staggering and show no signs of slowing down. We have an inordinate number of adult dogs at both facilities.

But it’s also an unending stream of puppies, puppies, puppies. Some stay at the Adoption Center when they’re old enough, but the vast majority are housed at the Sanctuary.  The lucky ones get adopted quickly, others don’t find homes until they’re grown. Meanwhile younger generations come in behind them and the cycle repeats.

To be clear, just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they need fewer resources. If anything, they tend to need more: more food, more care, more one-on-one interaction, more socialization, and the list goes on. Raising one well-adjusted, happy, healthy puppy is tough. Try 30, 40, or 60! The staff at the Sanctuary have their hands full.

Executive Director John Golay discussed our high numbers, puppies, and overpopulation in an interview on The Jefferson Exchange earlier this month. For information about RRAAP, our spay/neuter assistance program, click here.

In an ideal world, our numbers would be going down, but, for the time being at least, that’s not our reality. Dogs need help.  That’s why we’re so grateful to everyone who helped make Giving Tuesday 2023 such a successful event for Rescue Ranch.