Update on Reba and her puppies. …

Update on Reba and her puppies.

For those who follow us; one week ago today a community member in Yreka reached out to us to help him with a mom and 7 puppies left at his home while he was away. When we met the mom and puppies we knew immediately the pups were very sick. After a trip to the vet, they were diagnosed with parvo and isolated in foster for treatment.

Since our last update on Friday two more of these precious pups crossed the rainbow bridge. Hopeful news is that two of the pups have made it through and are eating like crazy, keeping everything down, and no more diarrhea! John says full of life and play. Mom is doing fine but wanting out of confinement. Given the disease and their condition when they came to us, two surviving pups is a blessing but was so hard not to believe the last two that passed would beat the odds.

Below is a link to a great article from Cornell University. It’s a short read, informative, and easy to understand. Please share the link so more can understand the parvo virus and how simple it is to avoid the sadness and loss we experienced this week.


Thank you for your support, your donations and your outpouring of healing energy.