Tuesday evening update. With much sadness one of …

Tuesday evening update. With much sadness one of the puppies, the one that was the most ill, crossed the rainbow bridge this afternoon. The little boy just couldn’t fight off the complications that come with parvo. Mom and the other six puppies are still eating and staying hydrated. John will continue to monitor their needs throughout the night.

Thank you for the donations that have come in. John is changing out pee pads in their crates every 3-4 hours so with seven crates we are going through them quickly. Each puppy and Mom are in their own crates so we can monitor their intake and output individually, but are within sight of each other for company.

UPDATE. All puppies made it through the night and morning. The most critical puppy has benefitted by two rounds of IV fluids. Mom is doing fine. Three more of the puppies are starting to show some symptoms. But still up and eating and drinking. The last 3 so far are eating and drinking and ๐Ÿ’ฉ like regular pups.

Tonight we are asking you to send healing energy and prayers for seven puppies brought to the ranch this afternoon. A community member here in Yreka came home from a work trip and found a mom and puppies left at his home. When he brought them to the ranch it was apparent they were ill. The puppies went straight from the finders truck to our compassionate vets at Ashland Animal Medical Hospital. John was able to rush them there at 5:00 tonight.

The weakest pup tested positive for parvo. They are all now going to be treated for parvo. They are back in our Executive Directors John Golay wood shop being cared for by him. IV fluids, medications, 24 hours care, and now your part; provide healing energy.

Donations of puppy pee pads would be greatly appreciated. We will need many for this litter, and currently have five other litters in foster. Everything we use for these pups must be bagged and thrown away if it cannot be sanitized properly. And if you can, donations to Kitu’s Fund will be so helpful in covering the medical expenses for their care.

We will keep you posted on their status. But be prepared for a sad outcome. parvo is a nasty disease that claims the lives of so many puppies.