Transfer to Adopt: Nino


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UPDATE 11/8/18: Nino has a home-pending!😍


This stunning boy has gotten screwed six ways from Sunday…

He had an owner for a long time, but when he didn’t want him anymore he was just gonna set him loose, and that’s when a man intercepted him. The man however was moving in a few weeks and couldn’t keep him, either – so he gave him to his sister. She’s had him about a month and during that time took him to the vet where it was found that he needed eye drops given daily. Then yesterday she decided she didn’t want to deal with him anymore, so she tried to dump him at the Stanislaus shelter, except they’re not accepting owner surrenders. So she went back to the vet where this boy had been seen and asked to have him euthanized.
… how lazy and selfish and incomprehensible can people be?!

Well thankfully the vet employee called someone and that someone reached out to me.

I immediately asked the vet employee if they would be open to getting and holding this boy while we try to find help, I was too too worried that something bad would happen to him considering this woman’s previous efforts, they said ‘Yes’
I then asked would they consider neutering him because that would make it attractive for a rescue, once again, they said ‘Yes”.

Nino is a 6 yr old Mastiff, stunning I might add!
The Veterinary staff had this to say about him..

“He’s a really good boy, he listens pretty well,
he knows how to shake, sit, he goes in to
kennel when told. He loves attention thats
for sure.”

“He’s a funny dude, we left him roam in the
kennel room, he kept scratching the door,
well when I went to go get him he had
locked the door and hes just sitting there
looking at us like “hey”. He loves using stuff
and humans to get up so he can look out
the window or just in general.”

“I think he’s going to make someone really

Today they gave him a bath 🛁 and tomorrow he gets neutered 


*I can help with transport for 501c3 rescue.

Patterson Veterinary Hospital
24 South Third St.
Patterson, CA 95363

Phone: 209-892-8387
Contact: Sandra

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