Shiloh comes home

I adopted Shiloh, formerly Apollo, from Rescue Ranch this April and it’s been quite a wild ride. Wherever I am, this dog wants to be. He couldn’t store more personality in him if he tried. It’s been a pleasure watching the timid, uninterested, underweight dog who couldn’t care less for toys learn how to be a happy, playful, friendly, and at peace boy. I’m sure he must have had a rough go of things his first two years. He didn’t trust that he got to actually stay or that I wouldn’t hurt him for weeks and didn’t want to go anywhere fearing I’d take him somewhere and leave him. Now he jumps in the car willingly whenever he gets a chance and loves to adventure, meet all the people and dogs he can, or come to the office.


We’re both still learning a lot but he’s happy and eager to. He’s the best companion and big ol’ baby (seriously, he’s a big cuddly baby) I could’ve asked for. Thank you Rescue Ranch for bringing him in from his previous situation and bringing us together. It’s just going to get better from here.

~ Nicole