Senior Pup Brings So Much Joy

It has been almost 7 months since I adopted Porthos (formerly Porky). I was still mourning the unexpected death of my young husky mix at the time. Porthos, an 8ish-old pitty, is in many ways a complete opposite of the dog I lost, but through his own distinct presence and personality, he has brought so much happiness.

As expected of a dog as set in his ways as I am, there was a learning curve. I had to learn what he loved, disliked, wanted, and needed. He had to learn to trust that when I left, I would come back. He and my other dog Tigress had to learn each other’s languages and idiosyncrasies. It took time for all of this to happen, but he’s such an ingrained part of my household now.

I like to tell people Porthos is a perfect gentleman. He doesn’t want to be cuddling or jumping or to bury you in kisses. He wants to go on walks, car trips, adventures in slumber, and just exist with you. He’s a couch connoisseur, napping expert, and tennis ball aficionado. He’s a sweet, steady senior sweetheart with so much love to give and joy to bring. I absolutely recommend adopting an older dog – they have so much love and calm, steady companionship still to offer.

Rescue Ranch is fantastic in all they do. I want to thank every single person who has helped me and Porthos, from the onsite workers to long-distance volunteers to the trainers who so wonderfully donate their time and advice. Your love for every dog ever under your care is clear, and each of their lives – and that of so many families – is all the better for it. Thank you!

~ Kassidy