Sally’s home at last!

We went to Rescue Ranch Yreka, to look at an older bulldog mix. Unfortunately she did not get along with our current dog so we decided to keep looking. Rick introduced us to Sally (now piglet) and we instantly fell in love with her. She was all about our daughter from the moment she met her. We knew she would end up growing up with our daughter and would be the best fit, so we introduced her to our other dogs. They all behaved very friendly and we knew it was a match made in Heaven. We brought Piglet home, and she’s never more than a few feet from my 9-month-old daughter. She’s always the first to check on her if she cries, and we love having her here with us. Although it didn’t work out with who we came to see, I’m glad we “dated around” a bit more and found the perfect match.

~ Katie