Rescue Ranch Gearing Up for Summer Events & Hoping For More Dog Adoptions

The main reason we now average 180 dogs between the Adoption Center and the Sanctuary, is that dog adoptions are down generally. Puppies are growing up with us, rather than with families, while mature adults are turning into seniors before our eyes. We’re hoping to reverse that trend this summer. Last Saturday, we got the ball rolling when Rescue Ranch teams and dogs travelled to Jacksonville and Dunsmuir to share our mission. And that was just a warm up for the Puppy Pool Party that’s coming up in Jacksonville on July 8!

Red Dog Pet Supply, Jacksonville, OR.

We love the Red Dog Pet Supply venu, its welcoming atmosphere and huge lawn area are perfect for organizations and visitors alike. We were happy to join Colleen Avery of Sanctuary One  for a mini dog adoptions event before the big Puppy Pool Party on July 8. The weather was pleasant, not too hot, and a small crowd had already gathered at her table when I arrived.  In the store, manager Patricia and Christine from sales had a warm greeting for everyone.

We were joined by Karen Topping of Meghan’s House Rescue, with whom Rescue Ranch is collaborating on a number of educational and outreach projects. Her daughter Meghan and Rescue Ranch volunteer Piper also joined us. Adoption Center Manager Rick Formanek and staff member Thea Rasmussen rounded off our team, along with puppies and a selection of wonderful adult dogs.

The dogs all got a chance to stretch their legs. They clearly loved Thea. Handsome Monty made sure she got a kiss, smiley Thornton couldn’t get enough rump rubs, and, Snuggles lived up to his name.  My Herbie isn’t terribly interested in other dogs, but when Chappie did a puppy bow, he fell in love. Young Chappie was so tolerant and friendly.

Lovely Buzz, beautiful Dilly, and handsome Red Foreman were on their best behavior. I’m happy to report that little Gravy found her person on Saturday. Way to go, Gravy!

Dunsmuir Railroad Days

Meanwhile, in Dunsmuir, Eric Anderson, Kat Denman, and Sydney Palmer, staffed the Rescue Ranch booth at the Railroad Days event. Eric joked, “the only space available by the time we got there was between the bus stop and the porta potties, but at least we had a captive audience!” All kidding aside, he added that the weather was perfect, the dogs had a shade tree, and the parade was beautiful. The event was well attended and they had a lot of engagement, including visitors from Redding, Salem, and San Fransisco.

Puppy Pool Party & Adoption Day in Jacksonville, on July 8!

Don’t miss this! Join Rescue Ranch and other participating organizations for Red Dog Pet Supply’s Puppy Pool Party & Adoption Day on July 8.  If you plan to attend the Children’s Festival, or are looking for something fun to do, please stop by! There will be puppies, pools, as well as adoptable dogs and cats for you to fall in love with. They need you.  Click here to learn more.