Rescue Puppy Flies To New Home With Wonderful Adoptive Family

Iris is a very lucky puppy!  The little catahoula mix was a Rescue Ranch foster along with her mom, Persephone, and her 10 divine siblings. Now she’s living her dream life with a wonderful Adoptive family. What rescue puppy expects adopters to fly their own small plane down just to meet her? How often does that happen?

Well, it happened on Monday this week, when Monica and Tyler Sturdevant flew down from Oregon to finally meet the four-month-old puppy they were hoping would be a match. They had been following Iris’s progress for some time, communicating with Rescue Ranch puppy adoption program manager, and puppy foster, Mary Luton. It seemed like a good pairing, but nothing would be decided until they actually met.

Tyler, a pilot, has spent the last 14 years fighting wildfires with Precision, LLC, a subcontractor for the Forest Service. Monica works from home. Before leaving Oregon, they removed the back seats from their small plane to make room for Iris; they were banking on success.

Iris, the rescue puppy, finally meets her new people!


Mary and I drove out to the local airfield with puppy in tow. We arrived just in time to watch the plane land and taxi over to us. Iris was relaxed as the plane approached: the noise from the motor didn’t seem to faze her at all.

Monica was the first to emerge from the craft, waving and calling out “Hello Iris !” In response, the puppy moved forward, tail wagging and pulling on the leash. Tyler quickly caught up with his wife. Soon everyone was greeting everyone, and Iris couldn’t have been happier.

We drove back to Rescue Ranch to finalize the adoption. Upon arrival, the prospective adoptors met some of Iris’ siblings and her mother, who was also at the ranch. Tyler told me that they already had a Saturday hike planned for Iris and her new big sister, Bailey.

Clearly it was a match. Iris was calm, confident, and happy. She was enjoying her new people, and they couldn’t wait to get her home! In no time, Iris was sporting the personalized purple collar her new parents had brought for her. Bailey has a pink one.

Mary went through the terms of the adoption agreement. She then produced a bag of goodies for Iris: her food, chews, toys, towels (for the plane, just in case) and other items.

Back at the airport, Tyler and Monica posed with Iris for a family photo before taking off.  Then they loaded the pup up without a fuss and took to the sky in short order.

It was an emotional goodbye, especially for Mary. Her tears of joy only underscored her comment to me that it is always such a privilege to give rescue dogs a chance at life and find great matches for her fosters.


Now, that’s what I call  a fairytale ending to Iris’s excellent adoption adventure! But it’s only the beginning. A bright new future awaits our very good girl!