Willing to Travel to Re-Home Quinn

  • Name: Quinn

  • Age: 4

  • Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

  • Location: Mar Vista, Los Angeles California US

🐾🏡 Looking for the Perfect Home for Quinn 🏡🐾
Meet Quinn, a spayed 4-year-old female Australian Cattle Dog, also known as a Queensland Heeler. Despite spending her first four years in the city of Los Angeles, Quinn yearns for a home and land where she can truly embody her role as a cattle dog. She craves the freedom to roam, explore, and fulfill her innate instincts.
Quinn is an extraordinary companion who finds joy in herding activities, even taking on her 100lb Great Dane/German Shepherd brother in the backyard without hesitation. Weighing in at 50lbs of pure muscle, she’s a powerhouse of energy and intelligence. Quinn is incredibly smart, highly trainable, and motivated by food. Whether it’s playing frisbee, fetch, soccer, or demonstrating her impeccable recall skills off-leash, she’s always eager for mental and physical stimulation.

However, Quinn’s spirited personality comes with specific needs. She requires a strong owner who understands the unique characteristics of the cattle dog breed and can provide firm and consistent guidance. Any hesitancy with her is simply a missed opportunity to witness her full potential. In her current environment, Quinn has established a hierarchy within the household, which unfortunately has led to some challenges that we’re unable to overcome.

Quinn’s ideal home and household would consist of some land for her to roam where she can get regular exercise, and daily tasks for her to fulfill. She’s great in the car, knows all the basic commands, housebroken, and she is so incredibly smart!
Our love for Quinn compels us to seek the best possible home where she can thrive. We’re willing to travel to find her the perfect match—a loving environment where she can be her happiest self. To ensure her placement in a dedicated home, we’re asking for a $150 rehoming fee.

If you’re experienced with Australian Cattle Dogs and ready to welcome Quinn into your heart and home, please reach out. Let’s give Quinn the fulfilling life she deserves—one filled with love, adventure, and endless opportunities to be her authentic self. Thank you for considering opening your home to this remarkable companion. 🐶❤️


Please contact the owner directly for more information

The dog you see above is a local owner surrender. This dog is not a Rescue Ranch dog and is not currently at the Rescue Ranch.