Rehome: The Magnificent, Majestic, Beloved Brownie

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Name: Brownie
Age: 6
Breed: Retriever Mix

I currently live in Medford Oregon.

About Brownie:

I am the magnificent, majestic Brownie, a dog so beloved, I have had poems written about me. I ADORE car rides. The farther I can stick my body out the window to surf the breeze, the better. I try not to get caught up in all the laughs and joy that I give when people see me surfing. I’m just a humble girl from the wrong side of town and try to keep it real for my fans. I also love long walks, but mom never walks fast with me. I like it best when my boy takes me for a run. Then nobody yells at me for pulling. My coat is lustrous and soft (thanks mom for that — good shampoo, food and occasional yummy bacon are the trick I’m told).

My most ardent fa

ns are my kids — and I love them right back. As long as I can lick their face until they are in hysterical giggles and they play tug of war with me, I don’t mind at all when they poke me in the eye or try to ride me or fight over who lays on me on the couch. AND BABIES! Oh my gosh, babies are so much fun to gently lick. They always have food on their faces. That’s awesome. Mom likes how I know to be gentle with babies. I’m smart like that.

Now, let’s talk about toys for a minute. The key to an excellent toy is durability and squeakiness. The toy has gotta squeak. The more it sounds like a duck, the better! Crinkly also works, if there’s a squeak in there, but hey, don’t get too mad sister when I destroy it in a few hours. I did mention durable!! But toys are the only thing I destroy. I have manners after all. I also appreciate my treats and clicker. Mom clicks? I get a treat. Mom, for reasons a simply cannot fathom, doesn’t want me barking at all the dogs and kids that go by on the path behind our house. Doesn’t she just understand I’m trying to get them to come play in our yard? Except for the little dogs or cats . . . I just want to eat . . . ahem. . . play really hard with them. So every time I go to the fence, she clicks the dang thing, so I have to come back and get a treat. Mom says thank goodness I’m not a digger, being a great jumper is plenty she says.

At the end of the day, I’m pooped. I really want to sleep on someone’s bed at night, but if you try to lay on me or hug me, I’m gonna head down to the foot of the bed. A girl needs some peace and quiet at the end of the day after being mauled by adoring fans all day. Just please ignore my delicate snoring.

I sure wish we lived in the country where I could chase rabbits and other small things and nobody would care if I actually catch them. Then I could lick my kid’s faces’, play ball, have another big dog to play with, and chase things, generally having a grand old time. Boy, wouldn’t that be the bomb!

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The dog you see above is a local owner surrender.
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