Rehome: Sweet, loving dog needs gentle home, came from abuse

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Chilling and loving are my favorite things!

Name: Scooby
Age: 8
Breed: Terrier mix

I currently live in Montague Copco Lake California.

About Scooby:

Scooby was rescued from drug adoptees who locked him in closets, hit and beat him. Yet he has not ONE mean bone and if scolded, will curl up in fear. He loves walks, sitting on your lap, and being adored. Gets along with other nice dogs, but will defer to them as an underdog.

He has NEVER done anything wrong, is well-behaved and clean. He has separation anxiety, but has never been destructive or barked. All he wants is someone to be there and love on him and give him security.

If he runs from a loud noise, he will come back full of hope and a big tail wag. This is an almost perfect dog. He needs a quiet home with no constant yelling or fighting. Good watch dog, too. Hardly barks. The very first day I had him, he peed once in the house. Never, ever since! He is a wounded doggie soul with abounding optimism that he will be loved for the rest of his cute, adorable life.

Please contact the owner directly at (530) 459-3930

The dog you see above is a local owner surrender.
The dog is not a Rescue Ranch dog and is not currently at Rescue Ranch.