Rehome: Lucy needs to find a Family with a Dog She Can Romp and Play With

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Name: Lucy
Age: about 7
Breed: Whippet Mix

I currently live in Oakridge Oregon.

About Lucy:

This is very difficult for us because she is a goofy delight but needs things that we cannot offer anymore.

Our Chuey is getting old and frail. Lucy does not understand that he can’t play like they used to. Basic dog romping, tumbling and racing. She would be best in a house with a playful active dog in a fenced yard with sun and shade. (Our yard no longer has shade midday due to a trimmed tree, so we cannot keep her out in the heat. I feel terrible because it’s boring.)

Since Covid we have not been out anywhere.
• Not recommended for a house with kids because she does not fetch, bring or do tricks
• Great with cats
• Great with other dogs.
• Due to hearing issues she startles if approached from behind
• She digs holes, not to escape but is a bird shadow chaser.
• Not sure if she would return if off leash
• She is spayed and has a new rabies shot and dewormed July 2021
• She is NOT caught up on other shots.
o Oakridge only has a vet one day a week.
o Didn’t have funds to go to a vet.
• Counter surfer.
She rarely stops moving so she stays thin.
I am not in a panicked rush. But I can’t doddle either. I would love to be able to meet with potential fosters or homes so we can make the transfer as painless as possible for all of us.

Please contact the owner directly at (541) 731-7053
[email protected]

The dog you see above is a local owner surrender.
The dog is not a Rescue Ranch dog and is not currently at Rescue Ranch.