Rehome: Loving and energetic female looking for a new family

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I love to snuggle up on a soft rug or in my bed.

Name: Weasel
Age: 3 years
Breed: Pit-terrier-mix

I currently live in Portland Oregon.

Meet Weasel:
She is a spayed, 3 year old pit-terrier-mix who is up-to-date on all vaccinations including having a certificate of rabies vaccine.

She loves:
– snuggling up on the floor
– playing chase outside
– gnawing on a stick or chew toy
– going for walks, runs, and hikes

She is highly food-motivated and knows how to sit, stay, lay down, leave-it, and come (she also has a stubborn side and would benefit from additional/formal training).

Weasel has always been gentle with our infant and has also spent time around toddlers, 6-year-olds, and teenagers, but unless you have experience with highly energetic dogs, training, and kids all together, I would not recommend her as a family dog.

Weasel would likely be happiest in a setting without other animals. While she enjoys romping and playing with some other dogs, she is picky and can be unpredictably snappy towards some other dogs. Weasel is reactive toward skateboarders, and while she always walks with us on leash, she occasionally snaps at other dogs on walks. She enjoys the dog park and is very friendly off-leash, but tends to need to be lured back with especially yummy treats.

To consider:
– She is is territorial around food.
– She is reactive towards skateboarders while out on walks.
– On one single occasion, she bit a friend of ours when they were dog-sitting her at their place with their two other dogs. In this case, all three dogs were being fed in the same room and she finished her food quicker than another dog then went for their food. My friend put their hand between her and the bowl/the other dog, but her mouth got their hand. This is the only time has bitten anyone.

Please contact the owner directly at (208) 301-0534
[email protected]

The dog you see above is a local owner surrender.
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