BlueTick CoonHound

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Name: Guy or PupPup
Age: Believe under a year or a bit older
Breed: Blue Tick Coon Hound

I currently live in Aurora Missouri.

About Guy or PupPup:

I Have a BlueTick CoonHound That needs a New Home. We are currently undergoing Some personnel family problems and are un able to give him the attention he needs and he’s to big for our home Don’t know very much about him due to him just showing up at our house one night what I do know is that he seems to very playful and loving gets along with cats and kids and doesn’t like squirrels unsure if he’s been trained to hunt So the Sky is the limit with him we are just unable to provide him the type of home and attention he needs. If you are interested or have any questions you can get ahold of me through messenger. Thanks for Reading….

Please contact the owner directly at (417) 459-5877
[email protected]

The dog you see above is a local owner surrender.
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