Rehome: Baloo the Newfie

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With Santa

Name: Baloo
Age: Born 5/11/17
Breed: Newfie 3/4 and Great Pyrenees 1/4

I currently live in Palo Cedro (Redding area) California.

Baloo was born on 5/11/17. He is Newfie 3/4 and Great Pyrenees 1/4. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old. He is truly a gentle giant. He is the sweetest and kindest dog and it breaks our heart to have to re-home him. He loves to roll around on the floor, get belly rubs, get love, and play catch. He enjoys going on leashed walks or just hanging out with people. He would be a lap dog if he could fit. He is truly a big cuddly bear. He is up to date on his shots and all records are available. He was neutered. He is chipped. He has been around people, dogs, cats, and chickens. He does well with people (after he decides you’re good). He is very good with our cats. He protects them when they are outside. The cats adore him. His best friend is our female border collie and my son’s female border collie. They run around and play. He has been around multiple dogs at the dog park and on hikes and does fine after warming up. He has recently decided he does not like our male chihuahua mix. He has attempted to attack him more than once. Male vs male? He is doing good on a leash and goes on leashed walks. He is protective of his family. We are unsure how he does with children. He has not been around any children younger than teens. I would suggest no male dogs with him unless you are trained in this area. He does well with lots of outside space to roam.

Please contact the owner directly at (530) 941-8625
[email protected]

The dog you see above is a local owner surrender.
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