Nevaeh (Heaven in a Mirror)

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  • Name: Nevaeh

  • Age: 4 years 1 month

  • Breed: Terrior Mix

  • Location: Mount Shasta, California, United States

Neavah; a 4 year old, terrier mix that never really grew out of her puppy phase. All she wants to do is play fetch 24/7, and also enjoys nice hikes and swimming. She gets along with kids, she loves cats (but they don’t always love her high energy), she did not care about chickens that were in a fence. She gets along with other dogs, usually barks and runs up to them and then wants to play. Sometimes she sounds aggressive when playing, but she just likes to use her voice. Nevaeh is so loving, she likes to run up to every person to get pets and bring them pinecones and sticks to throw.