Loverdog Seeks Hermit (or Hermit Couple) to Guard and Cuddle

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softest fur, softest heart

Nevada City, CA
land line is best contact 530-265-5252
cell for texts only due to weak rural reception 530-277-3487


To my family, I will give you unparalleled devotion, even more than other dogs can give. To you, I will be incredibly loving, loyal, gentle, sweet, and eager to please. Always ready for instructions or reassurance, I’ll keep my warm brown eyes on you most of the time. Connection with my family is my central motivating force. It feels so good to lean my cashmere-soft body into you tenderly, or to rest my head or paw on your lap. I’ll even follow you to the bathroom and warm your feet by lying on top of them, while watching the door to keep you safe in that vulnerable moment. I love the simple pleasures, raising my nose in the morning to the first whiffs of the outdoors, sleeping, dreaming, cuddling, going for walks and going for sniffs, lying down in cool water, curling up in hidey-holes, eating treats, especially cheese, playing with other dogs and also simply watching other dogs play, and most of all, sharing love with my people.

I’ll do anything for you, even bark away a bear, or scale a 6’ wall to squeeze out its tiny window to follow my family, just please don’t ask me to share you with anyone else, and please don’t leave me alone. I will be a wonderfully loving companion dog for a kindly person, couple, or household whose lifestyle is solitary, who live away from other people and spend most of their time alone with me, at home or in the outdoors. Could you be the one, the next love of my life?


Stats: male, neutered, 5-6 years old, 50-55 lbs, good with dogs, all vaccinations current, microchipped, good with basic commands (come, sit, down, stay, leave-it, wait, look, and touch)

Cats: He has a truce with the cat next door, but we haven’t seen him with other cats, so we don’t really know whether he would be consistently good with cats. He does chase squirrels.

Livestock: No experience but probably trainable – he’s incredibly smart.

Chickens: Chased the only time he’s been near them. He might be trainable to stop? Not sure. He’s generally good with “leave it,” etc., but not when he’s protecting us.

He has an inoperable injury from before we rescued him. According to X-rays, the growth plate of his radius or ulna was damaged as a puppy and stopped growing, while the other of those two bones spiraled its growth around where the missing bone should have been. As a result, he has a limp, but he does put weight on that leg and it has not stopped him from performing phenomenal feats of agility when he is motivated – e.g., to get to us. It also hasn’t stopped him from enjoying long hikes, though he does best with a rest day afterward.

Afraid of thunder, gunshots, and loud planes, especially the U2 spy plane that occasionally flies out of Beale Air Force Base and is louder and lower pitched than other planes.

Current Rxs: carprofen, gabapentin, clomipramine, clonidine

I have four more gorgeous photos I’d love to upload if possible, for a total of eight.