Hank – Livestock Guardian Dog

  • Name: Hank

  • Age: 5

  • Breed: Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd

  • Location: Pescadero, California, United States

Hank is a 5 year old neutered Pyrenees/Anatolian male, currently being utilized to guard sheep and goats. Equipped with a big bark, he’s proven to protect his livestock without any predation losses. His working style is laid back during the day – taking naps in the sun – and attentive throughout the night. Hank is well attuned to who and what a threat is – he doesn’t bark at people, horses, cattle, or cars; he’s been guarding a small group of sheep at ranch headquarters bustling with vehicle traffic and event visitors without raising alarm. He’s a playful and easy-going dog. He’s accustomed to working with other livestock guardian dogs as well as interacting with herding dogs and pet dogs. Hank is also inviting when meeting new and unfamiliar people.

Please contact the owner directly for more information

The dog you see above is a local owner surrender. This dog is not a Rescue Ranch dog and is not currently at the Rescue Ranch.