Great loving dogs with humans but not good with other animals definitely

  • Name: Remy Bonnie Chloe

  • Age: 6

  • Breed: Pitbull

  • Location: Yreka, California, United States

Remy (the red 17 yrs old), Bonnie (the black 16 yrs old,) Chloe (the blue 14 yrs old). Great dogs with family, kids, and adults. They have never shown any aggressive behavior toward any human zero they love kids and adults but are not good with other animals definitely. Very sweet dogs honestly and great together but not good for any other animals for sure. Please contact me if you can help them out I am willing to help give you money monthly to help with food and come see them. I just can’t handle them anymore, unfortunately. I will literally help you financially with the dogs for the rest of their life and come visit them I just can not handle them anymore. (415)879-3334

Please contact the owner directly for more information

The dog you see above is a local owner surrender. This dog is not a Rescue Ranch dog and is not currently at the Rescue Ranch.