Our apologies for being a little quiet with …

Our apologies for being a little quiet with Facebook posts the past 10 days or so. I confess that as the principal Facebook author the heat and smoke have taken their toll on me by the time I get home from work. Then there are these 6 precious little fosters of mine that are a joy and a bit time consuming when it comes to care and play in the morning before I head to work. These are the 6 puppies that the Yreka ACO found abandoned in a box about 10 days ago and have entrusted to our care. I have dubbed them the fabulous F troop: Freeto, Frye (the boys) and girls Faye, Faith, Feta, and Farrah.

Ranch staff and volunteers have been very very busy. Last week we admitted 16 dogs all needing our standard vaccination, vet trips, baths and getting acquainted protocol. We took in 12 at high risk “littles” (dogs under 20 pounds; some puppies, some adults and a couple seniors) from our rescue partners in Tracy and Visalia, We also took under our wing 3 medium to large dogs from Siskiyou Animal Control (June, July, and Caesar) and one from Yreka PD (Chloe).

Happy dance that we have had many adoptions so as soon as I can I will track down some photos and share. So we have been very busy even if we have been a bit quiet.

Thanks you for all of your continued support. Enjoy the fair and of course ENJOY the DOG DAYS of Summer with your pup!