Noble Noah

Here are two pictures. I just recently edited them. This one is him in my office asking to play. The other is his “baby”, which made me laugh. He loved that toy and bathed it nightly, but I must assume it misbehaved since then he his attitude changed. He ate it’s brains out and pulled off the ears….LOL. Oh well.

He loves chew toys, to cuddle and walk. He has now learned that the ducks are in the pond and even though it’s winter loves to get in the pond and chase them. Which then means a bath and he now has learned it’s not optional and he gets in the tub himself. Something I think is adorable is that when he wants love he climbs in my lap and lays his huge head on my neck as if to say “PLEASE”.

But he is STUBBORN. He knows how to walk, but it’s a constant battle. He is pretty good now about coming when I call but then there are those times of temptation when he just has to do things his own way, even though he knows he will be in trouble.

I looked up pitbull and it’s exactly him. Affection and stubborn. But the lab part is there, he now is loving the river by us and when off leash jumps in for a swim.

He’s come a long way, but we are still working on behavior issues. It’s not that he does not know, but that he has to realize to obey means all the time.

He’s a great dog and I really respect what you all are doing. Thank you.

~ Austin