Josie plus Annie equals total love.

We adopted Josie Drew in April 2020, after losing our 11-year-old dachshund very suddenly. Josie helped heal our very broken hearts, but being a puppy she also destroyed comforters, carpets and finally a love seat. Although we never left her for more than 2 hours, she was bored and lonely. Enter Annie Grace, mother of the 7 M&M pups, all girls! Annie joined our family in March 2023. Annie was 1 year old, and had already lost her destructo-puppy habits. She and Josie became the best of friends and Josie hasn’t destroyed a single thing since Annie joined our family. These 2 girls are the light and love of our lives. I love looking deep into their soulful eyes, and having them climb into my lap, even though they weigh 54 and 69 pounds! Sometimes you will find both of them on my lap at the same time! Coming home to their happy faces and wiggly bodies is always so rewarding. We will be forever grateful for Rescue Ranch and all the wonderful work they do for the dogs.

~ Jodi