How a little dog chose us♡

This little dogs name is lady♡ I went to Rescue ranch in 2014 looking for a puppy of course. Before I wanted a puppy the last time I had a dog was in 2009 with my little corgi molly. After a few years it was time to get a new four legged friend and I was looking for a small little wiggly puppy. My family took me to rescue ranch and sadly they had no puppies..but they did have a dog they think I would like. Out came this little dog. Lady. She was so excited to meet us! She jumped on my grandpas lap( my grandpa was the siskiyou hospice chaplain at the time and it turned out Lady had belonged to one of his former clients and recognized him as soon as she saw him!) .She had chose us. We knew from that moment on we knew she was meant to be with us. Lady enjoyed walks and oh I can’t forget tummy rubs. About a year after we adopted lady she went blind , but she never lost her spunk, she didn’t let that stop her. We moved to the Oregon coast about six months ago from Yreka and she got her paws in the sand..which was my one wish before she passed. I had lady as my bestfriend for almost five years(it would’ve been five years in March 2019). My little lady dog left us March 4th 2019. Her favorite things were of course rides, tummy rubs and puppuccinos. Without Rescue Ranch I wouldn’t have had the honor of having lady as my furry best friend for these last few years♡ The picture below is of  of the first day we met her, ♡ she will always be my honey dog.

~ Callie