Giving Tuesday 2022: Sanctuary is Critical to Life-Saving Mission Of Rescue Ranch

Back in September, I wrote about the progress we’ve made at Rescue Ranch Sanctuary in Big Springs this year and how it saves at risk dogs of all ages and other special cases, like Ramona. The seed money we received, and our staff’s strong committement to success, has really helped us move the project forward. Now, with November 29 just around the corner, this seems like the perfect time to follow up on that article, and talk about why, when you donate to the Rescue Ranch on Giving Tuesday 2022, you’ll be helping the Sanctuary.


The new whelping sheds are here!

When I left off last time, we were awaiting delivery of four whelping sheds.  Meanwhile, staff prepared an area for construction. The first two arrived on October 10, along with a building crew. Within a week or so, all four were in place.

Pregnant dogs, and very young puppies, often require extra attention. Then, as the pups get older, they do best if they can experience a home setting, like our foster puppies do.  That’s why the new structures were placed next to the main house within easy reach of caregivers.


The cozy interior spaces of each shed is accessible through a large back door. Whelping boxes will confine young puppies, but mommas will be able to move about and take a break away from their broods.

Once electrical is installed, the plywood floors will be covered with laminate. A pad between the two layers will provide radiant heat in winter.  Air conditioners will cool the rooms in summer.

Eventually, puppies need more freedom of movement. So, each shed has a small covered deck out front and a fenced-in patch of dirt, where they can  play, experience digging, and start potty training. Staff is planning an expanded fenced area beyond each of the small “front yards” to give youngsters even more room as they grow.

The four new sheds will make life a lot easier on dogs and people. They’ll also free up space in the former medical building for other uses. Unfortunately we’re seeing more puppies than ever. During my last visit, the Sanctuary had six nursing litters, one litter whose mother had died, two parvo cases and some older puppies for a total of 54.

When you support Rescue Ranch this Giving Tuesday 2022, you’ll help the Sanctuary

Last time, I talked about the critical, life-saving role of the new facility. Basically, the Sanctuary is where Rescue Ranch handles special cases or situations, which include, but are not limited to, pregnant dogs, nursing moms, and puppies.

In this article, I’ve focused on puppies because of the wonderful new whelping sheds and because of the overwhelming number of unplanned pregnancies and unwanted puppies in the county.  As I write, the number of puppies onsite remains above 50. They’re coming in faster than we can adopt them out.

Since our last visit, staff has had to convert what was the new much needed play yard, into an enclosure for older puppies. Now, they’re planning several more dedicated yards to accommodate more pups who have outgrown moms and whelping areas.

Spay-neuter is the most effective long-term strategy for preventing unnecessary suffering and controlling overpopulation. But without more buy-in from dog owners and greater access to services across the region, the problem will only continue to grow.

In the meantime, Rescue Ranch is doing what it can to help. But there aren’t enough fosters. Without the Sanctuary, we simply couldn’t do it.  And that doesn’t begin to cover all of the other special cases that need our attention. The demand remains high accross the board.

We’re very proud of all the progress we’ve made at the Sanctuary this year.  We know that with additional resources we’ll do even better and save more lives in 2023

That’s why, this year, when you support Rescue Ranch on Giving Tuesday,  you’ll be supporting the Sanctuary. Remember, Giving Tuesday 2022 is on November 29 and early giving starts on November 15.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE